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Foodscape Mapping

At the invitation of architect Carlo Ratti,director of MIT's Senseable City Lab,I was just in Berlin to lead a workshop on "Foodscape Mapping" at the BMW Guggenheim Lab.IMAGE: Talking about chewing gum mapping.Photo by Geoff Manaugh.I pulled together a presentation that included many of my favourite examples of foodscape mapping,[…]

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The Universal Tea Machine

What do you get if you cross Alan Turing with the London Olympics?IMAGE: The Universal Tea Machine,Smout Allen and You+Pea with Iain Borden.According to British architects Smout Allen,the answer is a very variable cup of tea.Their Universal Tea Machine,designed at the Bartlett School of Architecture in collaboration with You+Pea […]

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Wet Cherries

At this time of year,Washington state's cherry growers have their local helicopter pilot on speed dial.IMAGE: A helicopter acts as a giant blow dryer above a Montana cherry orchard.They are not taking triumphant joy rides over their ripening red crop,or conducting aerial surveillance of their picking force.Instead,they are paying […]

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Artificial Flavours and Archigram

Just a quick note to say that I'll be talking about artificial flavours at 6:30pm tonight,at The Studio Loft in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House,as part of MCA Denver's excellent Mixed Taste series — I believe that there are still a few tickets available.The genius of the series,which was developed in […]

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