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Forest Hydraulics

The maple syrup season was late this year,and so am I in posting these images of a late March visit to two sugar-making operations in the Hudson Valley.The first sugar shack we visited,Soukup Farms in Dover Plains,NY,is a third-generation maple producer with an old-school,wood-fired sap evaporator.IMAGE: The sugar […]

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The Carrot Hack

People who sell seeds have always struggled with an inconvenient reality: Their merchandise reproduces itself.So writes Lisa Hamilton,德赢体育滚球one of my fellow Fellows from the inaugural UC Berkeley/11th Hour Food & Farming Fellowship programme,summing up a problem that plant breeders have struggled with for generations: how to m德赢体育滚球onetise the effort and ingenuity embedded […]

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Three Strikes

A quick promotional note about three events that I'm excited about — and will be speaking at — in the next few weeks.First of all,if you're in New York City this weekend,I'll be speaking as part of a panel discussion at Gizmodo's Home of the Future.德赢体育滚球One of a series of awesome […]

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Posted mainly for the pleasure of typing"Fromidable!"repeatedly.Thanks to the wonders of Canada's bilingual labelling laws,and Loblaw's stupendous"No Name/Sans Nom"brand packaging,we now have a fantastic new adjective to describe Johnny Hallyday's greatest hits.And,of course,processed cheese spread.Fromidable!Posted to Twitter by @Wheeler,discovered via @doingitwrong.

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Mouldscape Architecture

IMAGE: Metamorfos 0611,Hans Jörgen Johansen via All Good Found/Liljevalchs.These atmospheric photographs document mould landscapes grown by Hans Jörgen Johansen.IMAGE: Metamorfos 0803,Hans Jörgen Johansen via All Good Found/Liljevalchs The Swedish artist is pi德赢体育滚球oneering the practice of mouldscape architecture: designing and cultivating his way through a catalogue of horticultural styles,from the romantic […]

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