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Outside the Box: The Story of Food Packaging

The invention of food packaging is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. It may seem hard to imagine today, but the first clay pots made the great civilizations of the ancient world possible, while paper’s first use, long before it became a surface for writing, was to wrap food. But packaging’s proliferation, combined with the invention […]

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Gastropod: Sonic Seasoning

“Sound is the forgotten flavour sense,” says experimental psychologist Charles Spence. In this episode of vwin德赢app , we discover how manipulating sound can transform our experience of food and drink, making stale crisps taste fresh, adding the sensation of cream to black coffee, or boosting the savory, peaty notes in whiskey. Composers have written music to […]

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Gastropod: Field Recordings

Plants that can hear themselves being eaten. Microphone-equipped drones that eavesdrop on sick chickens. Lasers that detect an insect’s wing-beats from dozens of feet away. In this James Bond-inspired episode of vwin德赢app , we listen to the soundtrack of farming, decode the meaning hidden in each squawk, moo, and buzz, and learn how we can use […]

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Gastropod: The Cocktail Hour

你是否喝智慧h friends, chug it before hitting the dance floor, or take it as a post-work pick-me-up, there’s clearly nothing like a cocktail for bracing the spirit. In addition to its peculiar history as a medicinal tonic, plenty of hard science lies behind the perfect cocktail, from the relationship between taste perception […]

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Finally, vwin德赢app is tackling gastropods! In this episode, Cynthia visits one of America’s first and only snail farms. Though vwin德赢app is, as regular listeners know, a podcast about the science and history of all things gastronomical, we do share a name with vwin德赢app a, the taxonomic class that includes slugs and snails. And, as it turns […]

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Gastropod: Savour Flavour


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Gastropod: DNA Detectives

DNA: it’s the genetic information that makes plants and animals what we are. Most of the time when you hear about it in the context of food, it’s to do with breeding. But in this short episode of vwin德赢app , we bring you two DNA detective stories that show how genetic analysis can rewrite the history […]

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Cheese is the chameleon of the food world, as well as one of its greatest delights. Fresh and light or funky and earthy, creamy and melty or crystalline and crumbly—no other food offers such a variety of flavours and textures. But cheese is not just a treat for the palate: its discovery changed the course […]

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Gastropod: Extreme Salad & Crazy Potatoes

Step away from the French fries—and even from that bag of pre-washed mixed greens lurking in the crisper drawer. It’s time to reconsider the potato and up your salad game. In this episode of vwin德赢app , Cynthia and Nicky talk to science writer Ferris Jabr about the chestnut-flavored, gemstone-hued potatoes he discovered in Peru, as well […]

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Gastropod: No Scrubs

In 1900, the average dairy cow in America produced 424 gallons of milk each year. By 2000, that figure had more than quadrupled, to 2,116 gallons. In this episode of vwin德赢app , we explore the incredible science that transformed the American cow into a milk machine—but we also uncover the disturbing history of prejudice and animal […]

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