Outside the Box: The Story of Food Packaging

The invention of food packaging is 德赢体育滚球one of humanity's greatest achievements.It may seem hard to imagine today,but the first clay pots made the great civilizations of the ancient world possible,while paper's first use,早在它成为书写的表面之前,was to wrap food.But packaging's proliferation,combined with the invention of plastics,has become 德赢体育滚球one of our biggest environmental headaches.在this episode,we explore the surprising history of how our food got dressed—and why and how we might want to help it get naked again.

包装的乐趣:技术和营销如何改变欲望,co-authorsGary CrossandRobert Proctorlead us through millennia of human ingenuity applied to the problem of how to contain food,from the clay pot,which transformed communal food reserves into wealth-generating private property,以梅森瓶为代表的可研究性方面的最新突破。That's right,today's hipster drinking vessel started life as the world's first screw-lid container.Through the story of how soda got its pop and the invention of the cereal box,Cross and Proctor help us understand how recent mass-market food packaging is—and how it has revolutionized our relationship with food.

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Alongside these social and dietary transformations came an environmental nightmare.In the United States,the E.P.A.has found that a third of municipal solid waste—the stuff that goes into landfills—is packaging.其中三分之二曾经是食物。But can we live without food packaging?We meet inventorDavid EdwardsofLe Laboratoireand艺术科学咖啡馆in Cambridge,MA,who has developed and commercializeda form of edible packagingthat keeps yogurt or ice-cream contained for fifty days,even after being rinsed under the tap.

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We explore the science behind his invention,but also the challenges that mean that,for now,his edibly packaged products are still sold in a box.And,with listener help,我们探索burgeoning"unpackaged"movement,个人和小企业正试图通过重新设计杂货购物过程来减少浪费。Listen in now,你再也不会像以前那样看一罐汤或一袋菠菜了。

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  1. 查尔斯·纳尔逊
    Posted July 25,2018 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    Going back to the pre 0's,we had rturnable pop bottles,milk bottles,beer bottles to name just a few.Ask any德赢体育滚球one who worked in a store at that time and ask if they would like to go back.i dout if very mant would say yes,bsides ir was a sanitatin concern.
    And the proliferation of individual single serve containers is wasteful and EXPENSIVE.
    Same today if we all would rinse our"Recyclables"our trash would have some value.
    Bringing our own reusable bags to the store would have a tremendous impact.

  2. Erin
    Posted July 6,2016 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

    I have always thought that biodegradable 6-pack rings would be a great advancement.What would have to happen for these to be a more standard form of packaging??

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